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EIA: Retail Diesel Price Posts 4th Consecutive Weekly Gain
7/24 3:32 PM
EIA: Retail Diesel Price Posts 4th Consecutive Weekly Gain OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- The national average retail price for on-highway diesel fuel extended higher for a fourth consecutive week, rising 1.6cts to $2.507 gallon for the week-ended today and 12.8cts higher than the same week a year ago, according to the latest data from the Energy Information Administration. On-highway retail diesel prices rose across the major PADDs, with the Gulf Coast boasting the greatest weekly gain. At $2.342 gallon, the PADD 3 price point gained 1.8cts on the week and 10.0cts versus the corresponding week in 2016. The Midwest PADD 2 price of on-highway diesel increased 1.4cts to $2.452 gallon while the Rocky Mountain PADD 4 price rose 1.1cts to $2.598 gallon. EIA reports the East Coast PADD 1 price climbed 1.4cts to $2.546 gallon during the week profiled, roughly 16.0cts higher than a year ago. The New England PADD 1A retail diesel averaged $2.574 gallon, up 0.1cts on the week. The Central Atlantic states in PADD 1B saw the average gain 0.7cts to $2.685 gallon for the week profiled while the Lower Atlantic PADD 1C retail diesel price jumped 2.1cts to $2.441 gallon. At the West Coast, data shows the PADD 5 on-highway retail diesel price up 1.7cts to $2.788 gallon, 12.5cts higher than the same week in 2016. In the Pacific Northwest, the diesel average jumped 2.2cts to $2.678 gallon while the average in California advanced 1.2cts to $2.877 gallon. (c) 2017 DTN. All rights reserved.