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DOT: Vehicle Miles Traveled in May Rose 2.2%% vs. Year Ago
7/24 2:23 PM
DOT: Vehicle Miles Traveled in May Rose 2.2% vs. Year Ago OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- The most recent data from the Federal Highway Administration showed Americans drove 5.9 billion or 2.2% more miles in May than they did during the corresponding month in 2016. The FHA, an agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation, reported that based on preliminary reports from the State Highways Agencies, U.S. drivers traveled an estimated 281.2 billion miles during the month profiled. This total includes 85.6 billion vehicle-miles on rural roads and 195.6 billion vehicle-miles on urban roads and streets. The seasonally adjusted vehicle miles traveled for May is 267.2 billion miles, a decline of 1.0 billion miles or 0.4% from the prior month but 4.3 billion miles or 1.6% higher than in May 2016. Cumulative travel for the first five months of the year is 1,300.1 billion vehicle miles, 21.2 billion vehicle miles or 1.7% higher than the same period in 2016. In the U.S. North-East region, total miles traveled during May rose 1.5% versus the same month in 2016 to 39.4 billion miles. In the South-Atlantic, VMT totaled 60.6 billion miles, 2.4% higher than May 2016 levels, while VMT in the West jumped 3.2% from the same month a year ago to 62.0 billion miles. The North-Central region reported a gain of 1.5% in VMT versus May 2016 to 62.4 billion miles, while the South-Gulf region reported VMT rose 2.0% from the corresponding month a year ago to 56.8 billion miles. (c) 2017 DTN. All rights reserved.