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California LCFS Average Credit Price DN over $3.25 Last Wk
4/24 7:18 AM
California LCFS Average Credit Price DN over $3.25 Last Wk OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- California Air Resources Board data shows Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits totaled 48,718 metric tons during the week-ended April 21 at an average price of $188.41 per credit for a total of $9,178,995. Volume the prior week totaled 124,111 MT at an average price of $191.67 per credit. CARB data indicates the price range for the week profiled was $180.00 to $196.50 per credit versus $148.00 to $197.24 per credit during the week-ended April 14. The LCFS is a state regulation to reduce by 10% the average lifecycle carbon intensity of the motor gasoline and diesel transportation fuel pool, including all petroleum and nonpetroleum components, sold for consumption in California by 2020. The lifecycle carbon intensity of a fuel is a measure of greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing and consuming the fuel. The LCFS carbon intensity targets for gasoline and diesel become progressively stricter through 2020. Fuel providers like petroleum refineries and fuel importers that sell motor gasoline or diesel fuel for consumption in California are classified as regulated parties under LCFS. These parties are required to report the carbon intensity of the fuels they sell in California and to ensure that such fuels meet regulatory targets. Regulated parties that anticipate either under-satisfying or over-complying with the carbon intensity requirements can balance their requirement by trading LCFS credits with other regulated parties. (c) 2019 DTN. All rights reserved.